English guided birdwatching tour at Maksimir Park

We invite you to join us on our first English-spoken birdwatching tour in Zagreb!

  • 07. ožujka 2020
  • 09:00, Maksimir

Birdwatching is, by definition, the observation of wild birds in their natural habitat. It became a popular pastime and method of scientific study in the 20th century. In recent years, birdwatching has become one of the most important citizen science projects, helping and improving conservation efforts worldwide.

For the first time we are organising a birdwatching event for expats and tourists whose knowledge of the Croatian language is limited. With this we wish to share with you the wonders of the abundant birdlife in this urban biodiversity hotspot.

We are meeting at the east entrance of Park Maksimir on Fakultetsko dobro street, Zagreb this Saturday at 9 o’clock (see the map). We plan to spend 2 hours birdwatching, but you can feel free to join us later or leave earlier if you like.

The event is free of charge, it will be guided and open for everyone, experts and beginners alike. We would like you all to join us.

We have a few bird guide books and binoculars, but if you have your own feel free to bring them with you.

In case of bad weather there is a possibility of cancelling the event so please follow our Facebook and web page for updates.

For more information, please contact us at

info@biom.hr or +385 99 40 65 401

Location map:


This event is part of Gradski prozori u prirodu project.