Ornithological workshops, Mikulov, Czech Republic

  • 22.02.2012.

Two workshops of high importance for bird conservation in Europe took place 6th-10th. February in Czech Republic town of Mikulov. Both workshops were organised by the Czech BirdLife partner – Czech Society for Ornithology. First workshop was about the Pan European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme – PECBMS and its harmonisation and development across Europe. Second workshop was preparation activity for another edition of Birds in Europe – BiE. Delegates from almost all European countries attended the workshop. Croatia was represented with several delegates, one of them representative of civil society, conservation manager from Association BIOM Ivan Budinski.

PECBMS is volunteer-based system of common bird monitoring that produces large database and consequently trends for a large number of species. Data from PECMBS are showing important changes in composition and abundance of avifauna caused by our influence on nature. Negative changes are the most pronounced in the ‘’Farmland birds’’ species group. BiE is one of the fundamental documents in bird conservation that is compiling data from various sources from volunteers to scientists. Population estimates from BiE are necessary to determine importance of regional and local populations and their status in nature conservation.