Who we are – Biom

Who we are?

Association Biom is a civil society organisation dedicated to nature conservation, its promotion and popularization.

Together we want to achieve the following goals:

• preserve biodiversity by monitoring the condition of nature’s components and the implementation of conservation measures, mainly focusing on birds, but also on other wild animals and flora,
• build and nurture a relationship between humans and nature,
• create a balance between economic development and nature conservation by encouraging the development of the economic branches that promote this country’s natural heritage – the legacy we must preserve for future generations.


Find out how

Our beginnings and development

BIOM was founded in 2006 with the aim of carrying out research and protecting the living world, raising awareness of threats to biodiversity, species, and habitat, sustainable development, and nature conservation in general.

From our humble beginnings as a small association with just a few employees working on their own computers, we are now an organisation with 30 employees and more than 400 members, implementing major European projects. We are involved in many nature preservation initiatives in Croatia and cooperate with numerous organisations and institutions on different nature protection activities. Our team consists of biologists, ornithologists, forestry engineers and agronomists but we also have employees from professional sectors such as law, political sciences, sociology, and economics, all contributing with their specific knowledge and experience. Since 2018, we have been a full partner and a representative of BirdLife International, the international umbrella organisation for the conservation of birds, their habitat and biological diversity worldwide.

We proudly represent Croatia in this important partnership, but we also feel an additional responsibility, which is why we are committed to diligently working towards meeting our main objective – the preservation of biodiversity for the benefit of both nature and society. Our association is also a member of the IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature), whose members are representatives of both state institutions and non-governmental organisations. In spring 2018, we published the guidebook Birds of Croatia and Europe, the Croatian edition of one of the world’s best guides for bird identification. That same year, we founded the company Biom priroda u društvu d.o.o.



Follow our work

Become a member and volunteer! Become our messenger, share information, and get actively involved in the battle for a healthier and better future.

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We organise birdwatching, lectures, various workshops and training, we publish guidebooks and brochures. Join us in learning!

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We are proud of our 11,000 volunteering hours per year. Our volunteers are our extended family. Together we monitor and record species. We clean, teach, and care about the world around us!

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Inform us

Have you noticed a rare species? Have you come across a poisoned animal or an electricity pole which is dangerous for birds? Find out how to turn your observations into action for nature.

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