”BIOM’s treasure hunt” on Gljevstock festival

  • 23.05.2016.


Gljevstock, a festival of music, love and friendship, with an increasing number of visitors, for the seventh time will be held on April 28th 2016. on the same location, close to the village Gljev near Sinj. As part of this year’s Gljevstock Association BIOM is organizing the first ”BIOM-ov treasure hunt”. Except recreation and enjoyment of music, visitors will have the opportunity to reveal the nature that surrounds them and win interesting prizes.

Ten teams with a maximum of 3 members will be able to participate. Each team will get a list and photographs of plants, animals and other interesting natural elements that need to be found through the period of 90 minutes. When they find something on the list, treasure hunters need to photograph it with their phone along  with the logo of the association BIOM in the frame, and later, bring photos members BIOM-on  for review. Winners team is whoever first finds all items from the list, or that has the most things found at the end of the expiry time. Treasure hunt starts at 3 pm, join us, have fun and learn something new!

More on: https://www.facebook.com/gljevstok/info/?tab=overview