Meet Grif

  • 26.04.2024.

Look at our adorable little friend, the griffon vulture Grif, who is now almost two months old!


Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing interesting facts about the challenges faced by griffon vultures and how our LIFE SUPport project tackles them.

Griffon vultures, known for their early nesting habits and socially monogamous relationships, typically form small colonies for their nests. Grif successfully hatched from an egg laid in late February after an incubation period of 50-60 days. These vultures lay only one egg each year, and their chicks depend on parental care for 100-140 days. It is expected that the Grif will take flight in late June or during July.

The decline in traditional sheep farming poses a significant threat to the griffon vulture population in Croatia. During the breeding season, some pairs may even need to venture into neighboring countries like northern Italy to find safe food sources, such as feeding sites.