• 05.11.2011.

NGO BIOM published a new poster titled „Zastitimo nase ptice“ („Save our birds“ in English) as a part of a Wings Across the Balkans project. B1 sized poster features photos of 16 bird species made by various authors, among whom are Kristijan Mandic i Marko Matesic. Poster is designed by Tihana Pecirko.

Each bird photo is marked with Croatian and Latin name of the specie together with brief text on specie’s ecology and Croatian status. NATURA 2000, NGO BIOM, project Wings Across the Balkans and birds protection in Croatia are titles of short texts. QR code is available for direct access to BIOM’s website.

If you are interested for printed version, please send us an e-mail. Till then, you can download original the PDF file(10,4 MB).