Wildlife Watch – increasing capacities for the sustainable use and monitoring of wildlife

  • 06.11.2014.

Association BIOM has started the project „Wildlife Watch – increasing capacities for the sustainable use and monitoring of wildlife“ in cooperation with the Public Institution (PI) Northern Velebit National Park, PI Paklenica National Park, PI Velebit Nature Park, PI Grabovača Cave Park, non-governmental organisation Lička ekološka akcija. Association BIOM is acting as the project coordinator.

The overall objective is to increase the role of civil society organisations which are linked with public institutions in the sustainable use of natural resources of protected areas. More specifically, the project Wildlife Watch aims to increase capacities of civil society organisations and public institutions to deliver services of wildlife protection and their sustainable use in local economies of Velebit Mountain and Lika area.

The main activities are trainings of project coordinators and target groups, development of wildlife watch services and designation of wildlife trails for hiking and biking, the networking of four public institutions and environmental civil society organisations, the establishment of a project website which will promote Velebit Mountain and Lika area as a unique area for wildlife tourism, as well as the production and dissemination of promotional materials and communication with the final beneficiaries.

The project budget is 156.000 € and 89% is co-financed by European Commission through the IPA program. An additional 11% will be covered by project partners. Beside the equipment and education for partners’ staff, this project brings additional value as it will open 7 vacancies for a period of one year. The project will last for 18 months and it will finish in March 2016 with a closing conference in Zagreb where 30 trainees will get their diplomas of tour managers for wildlife tourism.