New (27th) issue of IUCN South-Eastern European e-Bulletin

  • 31.10.2011.

New issue of IUCN South-Eastern European e-bulletin brings an article on BIOM’s activities. In September issue you can read about the Balkan Snow Vole (Dinaromys bogdanovi) and BIOM’s attempts to protect this elusive specie together with its specific habitat. We already presented this project on our web pages.

Except BIOM related news, you can find other interesting news and announcements. Take a look on the news about the European conservation Forum in Bonn and IUCN protected areas management categories training in the national park Sjeverni Velebit, both with participation of BIOM’s members. Also, there is an interesting announcement on Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme – 2012 for potential nature conservation leaders.

A quick glance on bulletin will definitely update you on nature conservation in region. you can download it from BIOM’s web page or from IUCN’s web page.