Campaign for protection of Hutovo Blato

  • 08.01.2013.

WWF started a campaign to preserve Hutovo blato. Campaign hereby joins Ornithological Society “Our Birds”. Hutovo Blato is the heart of life in the Neretva valley, an area rich in fish and in which more than 250 species of birds live and spend the winter. Hutovo Blato Nature Park is an internationally recognised wetland for its exceptional value. But negative human impacts have led to an increase in poaching, reduced fish stocks and bird populations, and drying up of the swamps and lakes. If this continues, Hutovo Blato, this precious wetland could completely disappear in the next 30 years.

Join our initiative for the preservation of Hutovo Blato and help us get local communities and governmental institutions to commit to save the heart of one of the most valuable habitats for people and nature in BiH.

Petition is available for signing on: