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Ornithological camp Učka 2024

We invite you to join us at Učka, relax in nature, and get to know the birds during their autumn migration at the Ornithological Camp!
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Lynx walk

Biom & LIFE lynx project

The natural world surrounding us is not indestructible, and it is our duty to preserve it for nature itself and for the well-being of people. All our work in Biom is aimed at biodiversity preservation – the richness of plant and animal species and their habitats.

Conservation means:


Preserving existing conditions, if we consider them favourable, or

the implementation of direct conservation measures to achieve favourable conditions for nature, and to restore the balance of degraded areas.

Nature is a completely self-sustainable system which is able to function without human interference, if not already disturbed.

Negative human impact, climate and other changes leave consequences. In order to apply direct measures to improve the survival of species and habitats, we must monitor the condition of individual species and habitats. It is precisely this bird and habitat monitoring that is the cornerstone of Biom’s work.



What does it mean to monitor a species and what conclusions can be drawn?

After many years of monitoring species abundance, we noted a decrease in numbers for red-backed shrike.


Then we deduced that the cause of the population decline of this species is the overgrowth of meadows where it nests. We decided to remove ligneous vegetation by mowing, clear meadows and enable the red-backed shrike to nest again.


Our employees, volunteers and members collect data on the condition of many species and habitats and thereby participate in the implementation of direct measures for species and habitat conservation throughout Croatia.


How can we preserve current favourable conditions?


One nature conservation mechanism is the creation of protected areas. We want those areas to remain as they are because they are naturally very valuable and need to be protected. Biom does not manage any of these areas yet but collaborates with numerous managers, public institutions founded by state or individual counties. Together, we monitor the condition of species and habitats and plan direct conservation measures.


Besides that, all protected areas should have management plans that ensure transparent and well-planned management in the interest of nature. Biom participates in the process of drawing up management plans, ranging from the level of giving suggestions about possible activities, to the level of creating detailed plans in collaboration with managers. Such collaboration is necessary for species and habitat conservation and contributes to the purpose of protected areas themselves.



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