International workshop, Adriatic Flyway 3

  • 23.10.2015.

Delta Neretve


Association BIOM began the implementation of the project “Towards a functioning system of stop-over and wintering sites along the Adriatic Flyway – Phase 3 (AF3)”, supported by the foundations EuroNatur and Mava. The event was held on 19th and 20th October 2015 in Vid, Dubrovnik and Neretva County, Croatia.

The project AF3 works towards a safe and functioning network of hunting ban areas serving as strategically crucial stop-over, wintering and breeding sites for migratory birds along the Adriatic Flyway, with the Neretva delta being one of those sites. The projects objectives will address the reduction of one of the most crucial threats for migratory birds along the Eastern Adriatic: bird crime.

The workshop provided a platform for international exchange of information between contributors from different fields of interest, on the topics:

  1. Hunting legislation / Law implementation (Ivan Budinski – Association BIOM, Pero Zekušić – Hunting Association “Galeb”, Čapljina, Emilio Menđušić – Association “Sokolarski centar” )
  2. Historical review of the situation on the Neretva delta (Ivan Budinski – Association BIOM, Nermina Sarajić – Ornithological society “Naše ptice”, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  3. Success stories (Public Institution Vransko lake Nature Park) (Danijel Katičin)
  4. Water management (Ivan Budinski – Association BIOM)
  5. Administrative boundaries (Marinko Dalmatin – Association Lijepa naša, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  6. Spatial planning and zonation (Ivan Budinski – Association BIOM)

We would like to thank all of the participants for their input on these topics.