Visit to the Varaždin hydro power plant

  • 05.11.2014.

In cooperation with HEP Proizvodnja d.o.o. (PP Hydro North), employees from the Association BIOM visited on Friday, 31st October 2014, the Varaždin hydro power plant in the Drava basin. Our employees visited one of the reservoir lakes of the plant, the lake Ormož, situated on the Croatia-Slovenia border, in order to monitor the construction of a gravelly island that will be an eco-friendly area for animals. The island will be approximately 150 m2 in size and is an area of particular importance for bird species, especially terns which breed there. Additionally, HEP is carrying out the restoration of a part of the old branch of the river Drava, in order to ensure a fish hatchery and dormancy site.

The employees of BIOM also recorded 3 illegal installations on the lake, two wooden and a metal one, for wetland birds hunting. HEP is in the process of removing such objects on the lake, in order to maintain the agreement with the Inspection for Nature Protection. During October, HEP removed illegal installations in the lower and mid part of the lake. The removal of the last three objects is expected by the end of November. With this, the prevention of poaching and protection of birds and other animals will be improved.