Učka 360′ camp – Bring home the butterflies!

  • 05.07.2018.


Collaborating with Učka Nature Park on Učka 360′ project association Biom is holding volunteer camp for habitat restoration. Join us from 12 to 24 July 2018 and help us protect biodiversity!

Participation is free of charge with available food and water. Camp is kids and pets friendly! Bring only good mood and motivation to a team work. Together we will successfully fight overgrown meadows and make the camp work.

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Hills of Učka Nature Park had used to be full of life, with meadows regularly maintained with cows grazing. As traditional farming was abandoned meadows remained unkempt slowly growing into thicket and forest. Along with meadows dying, a lot of butterflies, birds and lizards have lost their home. Biom’s mission is to restore wildlife’s sanctuaries through direct conservation measures, as well to motivate people to reconnect with nature and to take part in it’s protection.

Basic information about camp life:

  • Sleeping in tents
    During the camp there are a few spare tents free to use (check with camp coordinator). If you’re staying for a longer period please bring your own tent.
  • Cooking on camp fire and gas cooker
    Food is provided by coordinators and is brought fresh to the camp every few days. You’re welcome to help with cooking, collecting and chopping wood for fire.
  • Drinking water from the tank
    It is advised to spare drinking water due to limited supplies. Therefore there is no shower but you can access the public shower at the nearest beach.
  • Toilet in nature
    We recommend using spade in the woods and DIY wooden seat.
  • Electricity from solar panels
    Only for charging small equipment (maximum for cell phones and cameras).
  • Reception is weak
    There is some internet/phone connection but pretty weak most of the time. Sometimes you need to walk a bit uphill to reach it.
  • Daily routine
    Working hours are defined between 8 and 11 AM and between 5 and 7 PM. Midday break is used to prepare food, learn about nature or swim at the beach in Mošćenička Draga.


How to reach the camp?

  • If you’re traveling by public transportation coordinators can pick you up from Sveta Jelena, Brseč or Mošćenička Draga during the midday break (11:30AM-3:30PM). It is important that you contact us in advance with accurate time of arrival.
  • You can reach us with a car from Mošćenička Draga or Brseč driving uphill to Sveta Jelena. There’s a turn to bike path nr. 8 near the Slamnjaki bistro. Follow the bike path, on the first crossroad turn right, then left and third time turn left from the bike path (which goes right). The road turns to gravel road in one point so you should drive slower (for about 3,5 km before camp). Camp is visible from the road on the right and there’s enough space to park a car (sometimes cars indicate camp location).


You’re kindly invited to join us for a week or two in the camp and:

-explore Učka Nature Camp
-take part in nature conservation
-take a break from civilization
-meet ornithologists and other biologists
-get to know principles of nature protection in Croatia and Europe

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