Training for identification of common bird species

  • 18.03.2016.


Association BIOM in collaboration with Norvegian university Nord-Trøndelag organizes a training for identification of common bird species in Croatia. During 15 to 20 working days participants will learn how to identify birds visually and auditory. They will also learn different monitoring methods used for common bird species. Participants will be able to improve their knowledge in an online training in Croatian, available on

After finishing the training, participants will be able to take an official exam for common birds identification and get an internationally acknowledged certificate.

Who can apply?

Adults older than 18 who have finished high school or people older than 25 with at least 5 years of working experience.

Duration of the training

Training will usually be organized during weekends from April to September 2016. Exact dates will depend on weather conditions and availability of the participants.


Zagreb parks, Lonjsko polje, Rakitje, Učka, Novi Vinodolski and other locations.


Participation in the programme is free of charge but participants are expected to cover costs of food and travel during field trips (estimated cost will be 80,00 HRK per day).


You can fill the application form until 29th of March 2016 here

For all additional information, feel free to contact Biljana ( or Iva (