Training for identification of common bird species – Introductory meeting

  • 11.04.2016.

The introductory meeting of Training for identification of common bird species, organized by Association BIOM and University Nord-Trøndelag, took place on 4th of April 2016. This meeting marked an official start of the program during which we will train our 25 participants in bird identification skills.

In the first part of the meeting we introduced the program of the training, which will include 15 to 20 field days and several educational lectures. Participants will also practice their bird identification skills via web tool available at Association BIOM provided the translation of the website to Croatian language. The second part of the meeting was a lecture covering the essentials of birdwatching and basic terminology used in ornithology.

During the application period we received a large number of applications for the training, and available places were filled in record time. We would like to thank everyone for the expressed interest in the training!

There is a possibility of this kind of training taking place again the following year, so we encourage everyone interested to keep following the news published on our website.


Nord University