This Christmas let’s give the gift of Nature!

The holiday season is a time of giving, love, and care. This year, we encourage you to think about a different approach to gift-giving. Instead of accumulating traditional gifts, let's embrace the idea of giving the gift of nature

  • 08.12.2023.

We live in a time when choosing gifts for our loved ones is becoming increasingly challenging. Often, we fall into the trap of buying holiday gifts that are typically unnecessary and quickly forgotten. At the same time, we may overlook the impact our gifts have on the environment and the animals living in it. This is why, in response to excessive shopping in the pre-holiday period, the Association Biom has launched a Christmas campaign to collect donations for the conservation of Griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) in Croatia.

This Christmas, be a part of small but worthwhile changes and support sustainable holiday gifts! If you’re a nature lover surrounded by family and friends who share the same values of protecting our only home, donate in their name to save Griffon vultures. Together, let’s become part of a community dedicated to preserving these magnificent birds—the only remaining scavengers in Croatia.

“This year, we encourage nature lovers and everyone who cares about a healthy and balanced environment to make donations to nature in the name of their loved ones. By doing so, they will support the protection of the griffon vulture in Croatia, and the person in whose name they donate will receive a Christmas card,” says campaign leader Paula Počanić Vovk from Association Biom.

You can find out more about the campaign and ways of donating here. Contribute to the protection of Griffon vultures in Croatia while also making your loved ones happy with a unique gift.

(This article was translated into English by Maja Dragojević)