Stone crush traps are still surviving in Dalmatia

  • 21.01.2013.

This ancient trapping method of catching birds and small mammals is still present in Dalmatia.
Althouhg banned a long time ago they are somewhere still in use.
It was recently discovered that they are still used in Italy; Croatia is also on the notorious list, mostly because of still surviving illegal tradition in Dalmatia.
This trapping field, covered with 15 traps was discoverd by BIOM members. Authorities were immidiatelly contacted and Nature protection officer and police visited a site.
According to the bait (juniper berries) offender was catching thrushes, mostly Mistle Thrush and Fieldfare. Some Mistle Thrush feathers, confirming bird killing was also found near traps.
Traps were removed because it would be to time consuming trying to find the offender. Anyway, the area will be checked again by BIOM members to prevent usage of those traps at the same site.