Seminar “Birding tourism in Neretva delta” 19th of April, 2017.

  • 22.03.2017.

33401777022_e3abb7856c_k  We are pleased to announce the seminar  “Birding tourism in Neretva delta”organized by Association BIOM that will take place in Natural History Museum Metković on 19th of April, 2017. The main goal of the seminar is to present the potential of birding tourism in Neretva delta and to discuss the responsibilities of good birding tourist 33401092272_50bb6249ab_ooperators. Furthermore, we will host an experienced photographer who will explain us the importance of knowing the basic principles of  wildlife photography.  The seminar is organized as part of the project “Adriatic Flyway 3” funded by Euronatur and Mava.

More information and agenda (in croatian) are available in attachment.
For further information please contact Ivana Selanec,