Secrets of karst

  • 24.04.2013.

The project “Tajne krša” is designed to help people from Dubrovnik-Neretva County to approach the mysterious world of karst and to get familiar with the uniqueness of the ecosystem and the importance of its preservation.

Within the project different lectures, about biodiversity of karst and karst lifestyle on the example of Dinaric vole – species specialized for life in this extreme habitat, were designed. This small mammal is endemic in the region of Dinaric and Šar-Pindos Mountains and it’s karst relict. It is strictly protected member of Croatian fauna and has its place on the European ecological network Natura 2000. Because of its charisma and adaptation it is an excellent example for rising general public awareness about the karst ecosystem.

Through lectures adapted to the age of users, beneficiaries will have the opportunity to learn what is karst and what makes it so special. Additionally, the project includes the promotion of karst and lesser-known endemic species with educational posters and photo exhibitions. Residents, students and tourists in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, will at least for a moment experience the mysterious world of Croatian karst.

The project is implemented by the Association BIOM and co-financed by the City of Dubrovnik.