Report from excursion to Drava reservoirs

  • 07.02.2017.

In order to celebrate World Wetlands Day, we organised an excursion for our members last Saturday to two reservoirs on the Drava river – lakes Ormož and Dubrava.

A total of 16 nature lovers from various age groups strolled under a sunny sky during the morning hours along the southern coast of Lake Ormož and observed birds gathered on the unfrozen part of the lake. We recorded 28 bird species in all – from mute swans and mallards to a bean goose, smews, goosanders, goldeneyes and much more, while our merry group was spotted from the Slovenian side of the lake! We also discussed the importance of wetland habitats, their protection and nature in general.

After a lunch break, instead of the planned visit to the Ormož lagoon, we visited Lake Dubrava. There we had the opportunity to simultaneously observe pygmy and great cormorants and additionally red-crested pochards, great crested grebes and great crested grebes and a female red-breasted merganser. The sun’s departure left us slowly getting colder, so we finally separated from our binoculars and scopes in the afternoon hours and slowly headed back to Zagreb.

Here you can see a list of all bird species recorded on each location. The excursion was organised as part of the “Ptice oko nas” project funded by the FZOEU.

Photo gallery: