Red List Assessor Training, Srebrno jezero, Serbia

  • 14.06.2016.


BIOM employees have participated in Red List Assessor Training workshop,  which was held in Srebrno jezero, Serbia from 7th to 10th June 2016. The workshop was organized by Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia and the participants were from: Croatian Society for Bird and Nature Protection, Association BIOM, Ornithological Society “Naše ptice”, Center for Research and Protection of Birds of Montenegro, Albanian Ornithological Society, Association for the Protection of Aquatic Wildlife Albania and Association Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania. The trainers were Andy Symes (Birdlife international) and Joe Taylor (University of Reading, UK). The workshop was held in scope of the project Adriatic Flyway 3, funded by foundation Euronatur.

During the training the participants learned to assess species on a global, regional and national scale based on IUCN categories and criteria. During the workshop the participants worked on real study cases given the fact that Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia is working on the first Red list of birds of Serbia. On the last day of the training a field trip was organized to Labudovo jezero, a lake in the vicinity which is a Ramsar site and an important stop over site for migratory birds.

What is the Red List?
The Red List consists of lists of endangered taxa in a region or country, with their appropriate categories of threat according to the IUCN criteria. During this process, the red list is revised and threat categories are changed where needed in line with the most recent data.
You can read more about Red lists of Croatia here.