Raptors migration observation on Omiška Dinara Mt.

  • 21.02.2013.

Association BIOM and Euronatur foundation are inviting you to participate in the raptor observation in Omiška Dinara Mt. Observation begins at 16th of April and lasts until 1st of May. Observed are raptors migrating northward from wintering grounds in the Mediterranean and Africa that are returning to the breeding grounds in Europe.

There are three major migratory route used by migrating European birds. The most famous are the Western one, which goes over the Iberian Peninsula and the Eastern one that goes over easternmost Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East. The least known is central Mediterranean route that goes through the Apennine peninsula, Sicily and Tunisia. Adriatic sea is not a barrier for birds and most of them are migrating directly across. Tens of thousands of raptors fly over Croatian coast in the spring and autumn migration. Basically it’s just a few species (Honey Buzzard, Montagu’s Harrier, Red-legged Falcon, Marsh Harrier and Black Kite) but small numbers of some other species are also seen. This study serves to better understanding and promoting the little-known raptors migration on Croatian coast.

How to get there? It is easy to come by foot, it takes less than an hour’s walk from the car park in the village of Borak, and for those who come by bus takes an hour longer because they have to walk from Omiš to Borak. From Borak marked hiking trail continues to the mountain shelter below the highest top of Omiška Dinara, Kula (864 m a.s.l.). Observing point is further 500 m to the east on the mountain ridge. The monitoring is done all day, and the greatest numbers raptors are expected in fine sunny weather. Visitors can visit the action for more than one day but in that case they need to bring your own sleeping bag and pad, and binoculars if possessing ones.
Project is realized with support of Euronatur foundation.