Raptors Count Camp, Croatia, Spring 2014

  • 10.04.2014.

BIOM (BirdLife affiliate in Croatia) is organising raptors count camps in Croatia (spring 2014, autumn 2014, and spring 2015).

Our first camp will start 22nd of April 2014 and it last till 31st of May. It’s situated near Zrmanja river gorge.

Second camp will start in late August and finish by the 30th of September 2014. That one will be placed on Peljesac peninsula.

Third camp will be in next spring, end of April till the end of the May 2015, again on Peljesac peninsula.

Accommodation information is only available for the first camp at Zrmanja River. Volunteers are situated in the old school in small, mostly abandoned, village. There we have electricity, technical water and toilet. Shower is improvised outside in the school yard. Volunteers will sleep on air mattresses in the shared sleeping room. Simple kitchen with gas stove and refrigerator is available. Cooking is not organized and volunteers who will participate have to organize themselves. We expect that someone from BIOM will cover that task. Internet connection is possible trough USB stick (mobile access).

Observation point is 15 minutes by foot from the school. It’s elevated enough to cover approximately 5 km.
We don’t have idea on the number of expected birds per day. It could vary from 5 to 200. Most common species will be honey buzzard, various harriers and hopefully red footed falcons.
As you can see, this is not big camp as in Batumi, but it’s of extreme importance for us. This location is on the Adriatic flyway, same as more than 60 planned wind farms (with approximately 1400 wind turbines).

And for the end, if someone experienced with raptors is willing to join and to observe birds on his/her own for longer period (10 days at least), we could cover part (depending on the total price) of travel costs.

Village school in Golubić (Obrovac)

Krupa River near Monastery

Pond in the village Golubić (Obrovac)