Poster for “NATURA na Rabu” project

  • 04.12.2011.

As an activity on the project „NATURA na Rabu“ (NATURA on the island of Rab) NGO BIOM printed new poster. Poster features lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni), its habitats and feeding grounds on the island of Rab and additional species which share same habitat. Except basic information on lesser kestrel, poster brings more information on project „Natura na Rabu“ and on NGO BIOM. Project “NATURA na Rabu” is funded by Croatian Ministry of Culture.

Poster comes in one size, 70 cm x 50 cm. Photographer is Kristijan Mandić and it is designed by Tihana Pećirko.

Poster is free for download in PDF file format. Also, you can get it printed for free on BIOM’s meetings, events or in BIOM’s office. Additionally, it can be send by post. In case of sending it you are obliged to pay for delivery which should not exceed 10 €.