What attracted four young people to volunteer in Croatia for ten months? Why did a young woman from Sibenik join us for long-term volunteering? They will reveal it to you at the lecture, come!

  • 07.12.2023.

At the beginning of the year, reinforcements arrived, five young people were given the opportunity to do a long-term volunteering within Association Biom , as part of the European Solidarity Corps (ESS) program. They shared their time, knowledge, talents and great enthusiasm in our daily activities. Ivana, as our first local long-term volunteer with the ESS program, joined the Sinj office in January and quickly fit into the team. Four volunteers from Spain, France, Sweden and Belarus arrived in Croatia in February.

Why did they choose us? What did they learn and what surprised them? How did they adapt to life in Croatia, who did they meet and what will they take with them to their countries? In general, what is it like to volunteer for nature in Croatia?

Anton, Coline, Lejla and Palina will answer these and other interesting questions and present the project “Volunteer for Nature With Biom” on Monday, December 11 at 5 pm. The lecture will be in English, live at Biom’s office (Čazmanska 2) and online.

Hear what it’s like to take care of vultures on Cres, camp at the Ornithological Camp in Učka, go out to the fields, organize events and what it’s like to work in Biom’s office in Sinj and Zagreb from the perspective of volunteers.

They will also introduce you to the European Solidarity Corps program and how young people can find volunteering opportunities.

Register for the zoom lecture here, and if you are coming to the office, register here so that we can organize the lecture more easily.