Ornithology camp Učka 2019

  • 20.06.2019.

In cooperation with Nature park Učka, this year association BIOM is holding another ornitological camp Učka. At the beginning of an autumn migration Rovozna pond is the place to be. Camp is open for cca 50 days for all interested in spending time in nature, learning not just about birds and their habitats but the whole flora and fauna. Join us, volunteer and get skills in handling birds!

Camp is open for volunteers and visitors from 18th August to 5th October 2019.


Only condition for involment in camp is to respect others and the rules in relation to participants and wild animals. Best recommendation is that part of volunteers that keeps coming every year bringing new people with them.

Basic information about the life conditions on the camp:

  • Sleeping in tents
    There are always a few available tents at the camp location, provided by Association BIOM. We advise those planning a longer visit to bring their own tents.
  • Cooking on camp fire / gas cooker
    Every couple of days we visit a nearby town to buy groceries. Help with cooking, as well as collecting and chopping wood is more than welcome!
  • Drinking water available on location
    Our water supply is stored in a 1500 L tank and should be used rationally. There are no showers, but it is possible to occasionally use a public one, located on a beach of the nearby town.
  • Toilet in nature
    The toilet consists of a shovel, forest and an improvised chair made from hornbeam wood.
  • Electricity from solar panels
    Only for charging small electrical equipment (e.g. cell phones and cameras).
  • Weak phone/internet signal
    Cell signal is present but mostly weak. Occasionally it disappears completely and in that case finding it requires a short walk uphill.
  • Daily schedule
    We open the mist nets before dawn each day, and check for birds every 45 min afterwards. The midday break starts at 11 a.m. and during this time the nets are closed. The break finishes at 4 p.m. and the mist nets are then open until sunset.


How to reach the camp?

  • Coming by public transport

We can pick you up by car from Sveta Jelena, Brseč or Mošćenička Draga during our midday break (11:30-15:30). There are frequent busses from Pula and Rijeka which can take you to one of the listed places. It’s important for us to know exact time and place of your arrival in order to plan our day. If you arrive before or after the midday break you might have to wait, sometimes for quite a while, until we are done with ringing.

  • Coming by private car

There is a road from both Mošćenička Draga and Brseč leading to Sveta Jelena. Once you’re in Sveta Jelena you need to make a turn near restaurant Slamnjaki, to follow cycling route no. 8 (in Croatian: biciklistička staza br. 8) marked by guideposts. Once you’re on the cycling route 8, your first turn is right, then left and on the third crossroad you continue straight (cycling route 8 continues right on the third crossroad, and that’s when you shouldn’t follow it anymore). Camp is nicely visible from the road and will appear on your right.

  • Routes

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We kindly ask you to apply for participating in camp by filling out this FORM.