Natura 2000 Day, 21st May 2015

  • 22.05.2015.

Logo Natura 2000 danBIOM, as the BirdLife partner in Croatia, organized the celebration of the Natura 2000 Day. This day is celebrated on the 21st May each year because on this date in 1992 the Habitats Directive was approved. This Directive and the Birds Directive (approved in 1979) are the base of Natura 2000 Network.

Under this premise, the aim is for every person, organisation or institution to make a gesture of social awareness in favour of preserving the natural ecosystem and the birds that inhabit it. Every year, the gestures will contribute to the conservation of a particular Natura 2000 site in Europe.

To raise awareness about nature protection we organized two lectures in Dobrinj, on the island of Krk, titled “Spring Alive”.