“Let’s do it: World Cleanup 2017” held in organisation of Association BIOM and Cyclists’ Union

  • 24.04.2017.

Third action “Let’s do it: World Cleanup” in organisation of asociations BIOM and Cyclists’ Union with support of EKO-2000 was carried out on Earth day, april 22nd 2017 in Podsused where Dolje stream meets Sava river. Around 50 citizens participated, including Scouts Unit „MP“ youth, „Lastavice“. Part of volunteers came by train and used free ticket for their bikes provided by HŽ Passenger Transport.

Cleaning of forest by local road started at 9:30 AM with a help of Čistoća truck which had to pick up the trash in 3 turns. After the cleaning, at noon, waymark towards Zaprešić lakes was revealed. It will be a sing of proximity of Zaprešić city and reminder of necessity for building a pedestrian and cycle lane along Sava river. After deserved break, participants took binoculars and went on a walk through wild path along Sava in Zaprešić direction. It was an excellent opportunity for birdwatching and a great insight of the present state of the path that will one day become a bicycle lane. Cyclists went forth towards Zaprešić, crossed the river by wherry then came back to Podsused from another side. Tour to the center of Zagreb was continued along former Samoborček railway.

“Let’s do it: World Cleanup” was held across the country and it’s raising awareness of waste year by year. Hopefully, our action motivated people to stand up against the global trash problem and clean up waste.

We would like to thank all the volunteers for their hard work and commitment. Also, special thanks go to everyone who supports the idea of future pedestrian and cycle lane that’s going to offer better and safer way of travelling from Zaprešić to Zagreb.

We are looking forward to such similar actions in the future!