Let’s bring the Butterflies back!

  • 19.06.2019.

Association BIOM, in cooperation with Nature Park Učka and Association Bioteka, organizes volunteering camp at Učka, from 1/7/2019 to 31/7/2019!


Hills of Nature Park Učka were once full of life, and people used to take animals to the pastures. As traditional farming was abandoned, grasslands are slowly turning to forests. Along with disappearing grasslands, many species of butterflies, birds and lizards are losing their homes. The mission of volunteering camps is to provide wildlife refuge through direct conservation actions and encourage people to connect with nature and participate in its protection.

Basic information about the campsite

Sleeping in tents

Bring the tent, take a sleeping bag. Several tents have been set during the entire duration of the camp and it is possible to sleep in them, in agreement with the organizers.

Cooking at campfire and gas

Every few days there is a shopping trip for common groceries, and the food costs are covered by the organizer. Help with cooking is very welcome!

Drinking water from the plastic tank at the location

It is necessary to use drinking water rationally. Due to the limited amount of water there is no shower, but it is possible to use a public shower on the beach of a nearby town.

Toilets in nature

It is a DIY toilet in the woods (you’ll need a spade and wooden seat).

Electricity from solar panels

Only for small electrical equipment (maximum for charging cell phones and cameras).

The signal is weak

There is a telephone/internet signal, but most of the time it is rather weak. Occasionally it disappears completely and you’ll need to take a short walk uphill for a phone call.

Daily schedule

Work activities take place from 8:00 to 11:00 in the morning, and then from 17:00 until 19:00 hours. During the break we prepare food, learn about nature around us and occasionally go swimming to Mošćenička Draga.

How to get to the camp?

Visitors arriving by public transport can be taken by car to the camp from Sveta Jelena, Brseč or Mošćenička Draga during the daily break (11:30 – 15:30). It is important to know beforehand the exact location and time of your arrival so we can plan the pickup schedule.

For visitors arriving by car – first you must turn from Mošćenička Draga or Brseč up the hill to a small town Sveta Jelena. In Sveta Jelena you should take a turn onto bike path no. 8, near the tavern Slamnjaki. Once you are on bike path no. 8, first turn right, then left onto the unpaved road, and third time turn left from the bike path (on the third turn the path separates from the road hard right, you do not follow it there). At one point the road turns into unpaved road where it is necessary to drive a little slower (about 3.5 km of unpaved road to the camp). The camp is well visible from the road itself, and there are parking places in front of the camp. It is usually possible to spot parked cars before the camp itself.


If you would like to join our volunteer camp, please fill out the application form or contact us by email (tena.milicevic@biom.hr) for all the necessary details!