Lectures on Balkan snow vole

  • 14.12.2011.

Lecture on Balkan snow vole (Dinaromys bogdanovi) was held on Tuesday, 13th of December in the Elementary school ”Dugopolje” in Dugopolje near Split. Lecturer Ivana Stražić introduced schoolchildren and their teacher with this elusive species that lives in their surrounding, although they didn’t knew for it until recently. Due to the concern of the participants and their numerous questions lecture was very interactive and useful for all. Next lecture will be held on the Faculty of Science, Teslina 12, in Split by Ivan Budinski, conservation manager in Association BIOM. This lecture is primarily intended for students and will be held at 2 p.m. in the Hall No. 17. Enter is free and open for all interested to learn something about this important, but, unfortunatelly, poorly known species.