Lecture “My EVS experience in BIOM”, 4.2.2016

  • 02.02.2016.


What is European voluntary service, how to get involved and what it enables you? What is volunteering today at all? What are its advantages and its challenges? What kind of volunteering is it where all your costs are covered and you can live abroad for a period up to one year? Why I chose Croatia and I could choose Ireland? What I did for 6 months in Zagreb, BIOM and around? Where are bigger cultural differences – Zagreb -> Paris or Zagreb -> Banja Luka? Capitalism vs. Nature (in ourselves)? Food? Love? Sun? See you!

Join us this Thursday, 4th of February 2016 in the hall room BO1 at the Faculty of Science, Rooseveltov trg 6 at 6 PM. The lecture will be held in Croatian.