Lecture “Madagascar – The Eight Continent”

  • 22.03.2017.

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Madagascar is the forth biggest island in the world. It is located in Indian ocean, 400 km from the eastern African coast. Eastern part of the island in covered with tropical rain forests and Eastern and Southern part of the island are protected from heavy rains with central plateau covered in tropical dry forests and bristling forests. Unfortunately, because of bad management and agriculture system, there is only 10% of the area still covered by forests on Madagascar.

Common name “Eight continent” is due to high percentage of endemic species which are present on Madagascar. On the island which is the same size as France, there are 5% of the flora and fauna world species, from which 80% can be found only on Madagascar.

Saša Danon, our member and volunteer, spent five months on Madagascar as an assistant on a project of afforestation for American NGO Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership. We invite you to join us on this interesting lecture, which will take place on Thursday, 30th of March 2017 at 6 PM in lecture room BO2, Biology Department of Faculty of Science, Rooseveltov trg 6.

If you can`t come to our lecture, you can watch us on our You Tube channel.

The lecture will be held in Croatian.