Lecture “How and where to do birdwatching”

  • 16.02.2016.

Durbin - alat za promatranje ptica

Birds live all around us and they are animals most likely to see in the cities.  For some people living in big towns, they are the only wild animals they can see on a daily basis.

If you get interested for birdwatching, you probably don`t have a clue where to start. In the beginning, all the birds look similar and they are hard to distinguish from sparrows. Beginner in birdwatching can usually distinguish blackbird, pigeon, gulls and swans but the problems occur when you want to observe ducks. The first assumption is usually that there are only small number of bird species living in cities, but once you start to observe birds you can note there is a variety of different bird species living just in your neighborhood.

This lecture will give answers to most common questions about birdwatching- how to start, which equipment to use, what to watch on birds while birdwatching, what is the easiest way to watch birds and other birdwatching secrets. Lecturer will be a BIOM employee, Vedran Lucić.

Our wish is to introduce you to a world of birds and to show you how you can contribute to protection of birds but the fastest and easiest way to learn about birds.

Join us in this interesting and educational lecture  this Thursday, 18th of February 2016 in the hall room BO2 at the Faculty of Science, Rooseveltov trg 6 at 6 PM.

The lecture will be held in Croatian.

Durbin - alat za promatranje ptica