Join us in birdwatching for the World Migratory Bird Day

The largest migration in the world happens twice a year, when birds put all their energy into flying over thousands of kilometres in search of a safer place to feed, nest, and survive. Let’s give them a warm send-off on their big journey!

  • 10.10.2023.

We will meet on Saturday, 14th of October 2023 at 9 am by the bus stop on the old Karlovačka cesta, near Blato Social Centre (Društveni dom Blato). The exact location is on the map).

You can reach this location by car or by public transportation from Savski most (buses 112, 132, 164, and 168). If you go by bus, the bus stop is called Petlja ulaz.

The event is expected to last 2-3 hours, although you are free to leave at any time, and you can even join us after its start.

Promatranja ptica su besplatna i namijenjena svim građanima, neovisno o predznanju ili članstvu u Biomu, a uvijek nas možete podržati i donacijom.

Birdwatching is free and intended for all citizens, regardless of how much you already know about birds, or whether you’re a member of Biom. However, if you want to, you can always decide to support us with a donation.

A few manuals to identify bird species will be provided, as well as some binoculars, but in case you have a pair of your own, feel free to bring them with you.

In case of bad weather, there is a chance we will cancel the event, so follow us on our web and Facebook pages where we will update you on time about whether our birdwatching is taking place or not.

For all information about birdwatching, please contact us at