It’s Time For Birdwatching Around the Cities of Croatia

  • 05.04.2024.

It is already widely confirmed by science that birds and nature truly provide benefits to our mental health, especially for people living in cities. A study from 2017, published in the scientific journal BioScience, measured various characteristics of nature in city neighbourhoods and discovered that the vegetation cover and the number of birds in the afternoon are positively correlated with the decreased prevalence of depression, anxiety, and stress. The findings were so clear that the researchers were able to establish the minimum required amount of vegetation cover in order to decrease each mental health problem: 20% for depression, 30% for anxiety, and 20% for stress.

If we focus only on birds, a study from 2020, published in the scientific journal Ecological Economics, has literally given an economic value of biodiversity of birds. The results show a clear correlation between happiness and the number of bird species. In fact, it has been established that birds are as important to the wellbeing of humans as financial security. According to their calculations, being near 14 additional bird species provided the same pleasure as earning additional 150 US dollars a month.

There is even evidence that birdsong can increase our attention span and help us recover from stress. A study from 2013, published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, discovered that birdsong is a type of natural sound that respondents associate the most with stress recovery and attention span increase. Respondents claimed that birdsong reminded them of relaxing nature landscapes, apart from being melodious and pleasant to the ear.

Over half of the world’s population is currently living in urban areas and it is important for the wellbeing of humans to maintain a relationship with the natural world. The Association Biom has been holding birdwatching tours in several locations throughout the city of Zagreb for many years as part of their activities dedicated to problems of urban biodiversity. This year, we will also visit other Croatian cities.

All interested citizens of Garešnica are invited to join us in birdwatching this Saturday, 13 April, at 9 am in front of the “Som” Sportfishing Society at the village of Kaniška Iva. The event is organised in collaboration with the Visitors Centre Natura 2000. We will take a walk around the pond and enjoy the sights and songs of various bird species. (Note: birdwatching in Garešnica has been postponed). The next day, on Sunday, 14 April, we will hold a meet and greet with our feathery neighbours in Daruvar, organised with the support of We will meet at 9 am by the thermal spring Ivanovo Vrelo at the Julius Park, and then take a walk through the Roman park-forest. Furthermore, citizens from the nearby area of Križevci are welcome to join us on Saturday, 27 April, at 9 am by the Ratarna Observation Deck, where we will take a walk around the beautiful habitat mosaic with a pair of binoculars.

Translated by: Lucia Grzunov