Hunting blind used for poaching removed from an ornithological reserve

This is the 19th illegal structure used for poaching that has been removed from ornithological reserves near Metković since 2017

  • 24.01.2024.

Warden removing an illegal poaching structure from the reserve

The Public Institution for the management of Protected Natural Areas of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, with help from the Association Biom, removed an illegal structure on the 19th of January in the Special ornithological reserve “Pod Gredom” in the Neretva delta. An illegally set up wooden structure used for poaching was dismantled. It is important to note that hunting (baiting as well as shooting) is forbidden in nature reserves, as is the construction of hunting structures.

According to Biom’s data, this is the 19th such structure removed from an ornithological reserve in the Metković area since September 2017.

Little egret (photo: Biom)

The Neretva Delta is a significant wintering site and migration rest stop for many migratory bird species. Coots, moorhens, water rails, several species of duck, cormorants, herons, and numerous songbirds like the moustached warbler spend their winters in the delta wetlands. It is crucial to avoid disturbing these birds during their stay, which is why it is so important to have designated undisturbed reserves, as large areas of the delta are used for hunting, fishing, and agriculture.

Even though these ornithological reserves were established 59 years ago, illegal killing of birds in these areas continues. “Poaching in Neretva reserves must be stopped. Reserves are non-hunting sites, and for them to fulfill their purpose, illegal activities must be eradicated within their borders,” says Boleslaw Slocinski, program leader of Safe Flyways at Association Biom.

2021 aerial footage of the reserve. (photo: Biom)

(This article was translated into English by Nika Vuletić)