Golden eagle equipped with satellite transmitter

  • 07.06.2017.

Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) injured in October last year, after successful rehabilitation in association Sokolarski centar, was released on 29th april 2017 in Krka National park. For the first time in Croatia we equipped the eagle with a satellite transmitter that regularly sends location data for tracking it’s movements. In one month, golden eagle made more than 1500 km in Dalmatian inland.


Beginning of October last year, association Sokolarski centar in Dubrava near Šibenik welcomed an injured individual of a golden eagle. This bird of a critically endangered species had been shot in hinterland of Drniš. Severity of the injure made an outcome of recovery uncertain.

After almost six months of rehabilitation in USC, golden eagle was successfully recovered and ready for going back in it’s natural habitat. It was released on Rogovo viewpoint beneath Među gredama canyon in Krka National park. Before it’s release the bird was equipped with a satellite transmitter that would provide tracking of it’s further movements. Transmitter was provided by The Croatian agency for environment and nature. Our BIOM team set the transmitter on a bird and is responsible for monitoring the data. The transmitter with a solar power supply is located on a bird’s back and send s the data every half an hour. Every day we can track eagle’s path, see overnight locations and resting places. Now for the first time in Croatia, this technology was used for tracking a golden eagle.

Surrounding of a Krka river was found to be a great place for eagle’s release as it resembles bird’s natural habitat. So far gather data of eagle’s daily activities show that bird is doing great back in nature. Pattern of movement shows that eagle prefer rocky and mountain areas where it can find great overview. In one month the golden eagle made more than 1500 km.


Watch a short video showing golden eagle’s track 10 days long: