European Workshop on Environmental Crime: Illegal killing and taking of birds

  • 16.11.2015.


In early November 2015 in Barcelona the second European workshop on environmental crime was held on the subject of wildlife poisoning. Use of poisoned-bait in the countryside is one of the most widely used predator eradication method to kill animals considered to be harmful to certain activities, mainly hunting, livestock farming and agriculture. Also, at the European level, deliberate poisoning, particularly of birds of prey, is considered one of the most important issues regarding illegal killing of birds due to its high conservation impact on a number of threatened species.

The workshop brought together BirdLife partners, representatives of the European Federation of Hunting Associations (FACE), employees of the nature protection inspectorate of the Member States and other interested parties.

This resulted in a draft Action Plan to prevent risk from poison-baits being developed for adoption by the European Commission.

The workshop was organized by the ENEC (European Network against Environmental Crime) founded in 2008 by the BirdLife International. Association BIOM is BirdLife affiliate partner for Croatia since 2013.