Education for police officers on tackling bird poaching

  • 18.05.2018.

On the initiative of Biom and the Ministry of Environment and Energy, lectures were given to police officers on tackling illegal killing of birds (IKB). Lectures were organized in Split, Rijeka, Zagreb and Osijek during April and May 2018 and were attended by police officers from the Police Sector, the Criminal Police Sector and the Border Control Sector. Representatives from almost all police stations from Split-Dalmatia, Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Osijek-Baranja and Zagreb County attended the workshops.

Maja Polić, the senior nature protection inspector of the Split Office and the Croatian focal point for Illegal Killing, Taking and Trade of Migratory Birds in the Mediterranean, presented the legal framework of IKB and emphasised the key role of the police in combating this threat to birds. Our Ivan Budinski shared with the police Biom’s experience in fighting IKB and presented which are the forms of IKB that police can identify and sanction on the ground.

The lectures were held within the Adriatic Flyway 4 project, funded by EuroNatur Foundation and MAVA.

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