Education for educators: How to guide a birdwatching tour

We are organising an education for educators who work with kids and youth - on the birdwatching

  • 27.11.2023.

Through long-term work and cooperation with numerous educational experts, we concluded the best and most sustainable way to spread love towards nature and birds, by supporting and empowering people who work with kids and youth.

Therefore, on Saturday 2nd of December 2023, we are organizing an education for educators – on the subject of birdwatching. The aim of the education is to show how to get to know the fascinating bird world that surrounds us and familiarize it with others, and all this without having to be an ornithologist with years of birds studying experience 🙂 Those who already have experiences with independently organizing similar programs are also welcome!

We will meet at Bundek (entrance here) at 9am where our Iva Šoštarić will hold a demonstrative birdwatching tour. Then after a small break, the education will continue in Biom’s office (Čazmanska 2, in the residential building 1st half floor, here) and is expected to finish at 1pm.

We ask those who are interested to fill in the application form until 28.11 and remind you that as we have limited space, an advantage is given to those who apply earlier. You will receive information about if you have been chosen for participation in your email inbox 29.11.2023.