Do you want to know what you are eating?

  • 24.04.2024.

Translation of the picture: ‘Do you think these biscuits contain GMOs?’ ‘I don’t know… check if it has a label’ ‘The EU may introduce strict labeling requirements so that it is known what is in the food’

In the European Union, the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is not common. However, some imported and processed food on supermarket shelves contains GMOs. Currently, you can identify these products because they must indicate the presence of GMOs on their ingredient list (e.g., “produced from genetically modified corn”). Such a requirement for labeling GMO products is crucial for ensuring transparency, allowing you to make informed decisions about what you buy and eat. However, a recent proposal by the EU Commission seeks to deregulate GMOs produced by new techniques, potentially weakening safety checks and labeling rules. As it stands, the majority in the European Parliament supports the deregulation of GMOs – a stance that raises concerns among consumer and farmer groups.

Vote for the European Parliament that supports the right to transparency and ensures informed choices through the labeling and monitoring of GMOs.