Cory’s Shearwaters Monitoring

  • 07.08.2012.

As part of the monitoring of Cory’s shearwater (Calonectris diomedea), during the beginning of July, members of the Association visited some less known Croatian islands: Bisevo, Svetac, Kamik and Palagruza archipelago. The mentioned islands have data about nesting or there are indications that Cory’s shearwater might nest there.

Cory’s shearwater is known among local fisherman as an unfortunate victim of fishing tools as nets and long-lines. The onomatopoeic term “kaukal” is used among the islands local population because of a strong resemblance of the bird’s night howling with a baby’s cry.

During the survey a vast number of previously known and possible breeding localities where visited in order to estimate the number of breeding pairs. Because of the very demanding terrain and the fact that this kind of survey is best done at night estimation is quite rough. Except estimation of breeding pairs number, we identified threats (mostly invasive species) and recorded so far unknown colonies. Unfortunately, the absence of some colonies that were previously known was confirmed.

The members of the Association have a vast experience with tubenoses (the group which Cory’s shearwater takes part) and are regular participants at workshops related to the protection of this beautiful, but endangered species.

The survey is co-financiered by the SINP. Members of the association Plavi svijet made also a great contribution by helping us with the transport as well as the employees of the company Plovput (Plovno područje Korčula) who made the stay on Palagruža easier.

Adult Cory's Shearwater

Eleonora's Falcon is one of most important birds at Adriatic Coast

Beach at Velika Palagruza, Mala Palagruza in distance

Ascent to lighthouse, probably most isolated apartment in Croatia