Birds of Botanical garden Zagreb – birdwatching event

  • 05.05.2016.
promatranje ptica
Join us on Tuesday 10th of May and discover diversity of bird species living in Botanical garden in Zagreb. Meet us at 8.30 at the east gate and bring your binoculars! Don`t worry if you don`t have one, we will make sure there are some extras for a first time bird watchers. The tour will take approximately 2 hours and will be guided by our ornithologist. That day is also World Migratory Bird Day and the whole week is dedicated to Week of botanical gardens, arboretum and botanical collections so we will focus more on migratory bird species and plants where they are nesting and hiding from predators.
We will take some extra copies of field guides (English versions as well) and binoculars but if you have one, take it with you.

Contact: Vedran Lucić 095/905 9948