Birdhouse building workshops held in Sinj and Split area

  • 15.03.2017.

33033155700_cec16be0c1_oOver the past few weeks, as part of the Spring Alive project, our regional office from Sinj held several workshops on building birdhouses. Workshops in Sinj and the surrounding area were mainly for elementary school students while the workshop in the club Kocka in Split was for all ages interested.Participants had the opportunity to learn why there is a need for building birdhouses, the cheapest and easiest way to IMG_1782build them and that way help their feathered fellow citizens in the coming nesting season. We were a little surprised by the interest of participants and we are extremely happy that there was so many people interested in the workshops.Thanks to everyone who participated, expanded their knowledge about birds a bit and we believe that they are satisfied with the workshops and birdhouses which they built by them selves and which will, hopefully, soon be used by birds. For announcements about our future workshops follow our Facebook page and website.

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