Bird watching for public, Sinj, Saturday 26th March 2016

  • 23.03.2016.


Birdwatching for public, Saturday 26th of March, 2016

Birds are everywhere around us and often are the most common group of animals you can see. Although at first glance you could assume that there are only a few bird species that live in towns – like pigeons, sparrows and blackbirds, birding gives you the idea that the bird fauna in towns is more divers. Therefore, join us this weekend and see it for yourself!

We invite all citizens, bird and nature-lovers to join us this Saturday, 26th March 2016, in Sinj town´s park, at 9:00 AM at the fountain. It would be optimal, but not necessary, to have a binocular, and BIOM members will ensure the field guides.

This birdwatching event is organized in scope of the project “Spring Alive”, co-financed by the Split-Dalmatia county.

Contact person: Ante Kodžoman, 097 791 7809

Generally about bird watching

The best part of the day for birdwatching is early morning, while birds are active and their sounds can be heard more often, what actually makes them easier to spot. To have success in bird watching weather conditions are extremely important – a day without rain and strong winds. Spring and autumn are the best parts of year for birding because many birds migrate to north or south to spend the winter or nest.

Same as any other field activity birding also demands adequate clothes and footwear according to the weather conditions. Because birdwatching mostly happens in the early morning, the advice is to dress warmly and in layers. Optical equipment used in bird watching consists of binoculars (models for wildlife watching) and sometimes telescopes (for water areas, cliffs with predator nests). Using the telescope gives sharper picture and increases the quality of long distance bird watching. Additionally, it is necessary to bring field guides for determination of species and also notebooks and pencils for writing down the observations.