BIOMs treasure hunt held on the Gljevstock festival for a 2nd time

  • 07.06.2017.

Last Saturday one more BIOMs treasure hunt was held on 8th Gljevstovk festival! Although there was some heavy rain during the afternoon, it did not conquer the cheerful spirit of the festival but all programs was postponed a bit. Eight teams signed up for a treasure hunt. They diligently searched for stuff from a list and winners were team ”Patka” to who we congratulate one more time. Thanks to everyone who participated, association ”Gljevstock” for organization of the whole festival, and we hope to see each other next year at the same place at a similar time! 🙂

Gljevstock 2017 (13)

Gljevstock 2017 (8)

Gljevstock 2017 (2)