Biom is looking for volunteers!

  • 15.03.2024.

Volunteer position: Field Communicator for the Protection of Griffon Vultures

Since January 2023, association Biom has been the main coordinator, alongside with partners, to implement the LIFE SUPport project. This initiative is dedicated to conserving the last remaining population of Griffon Vultures in Croatia, situated on the Kvarner Islands. One of the partners in the project is the Public Institution “Priroda”, which manages the Visitor Centre and Rescue Center for Griffon Vultures in Beli on the island of Cres. Among the most important tasks of the project is to reduce the mortality of Griffon Vulture chicks, which fall out of nests due to disturbances caused by humans and other factors, leading to their deaths at sea. Through the project, we aim to improve the process of rehabilitation and release of Griffon Vultures into the wild, to increase their chances of survival. One essential element to ensure the success of these processes is to inform and educate mariners and the general public about appropriate behavior near Griffon Vulture nesting colonies. In this endeavor, our future volunteers (maybe even you!) will play a crucial role!

Description of volunteer activities:

Volunteers will, in pairs, navigate key locations near the nesting colonies of Griffon Vultures using a inflatable boat. They will inform and educate mariners and citizens about the rules of behavior near the nests. These educations will be conducted at key sites such as local marinas.

Workplace of volunteers: Cres, Plavnik, Krk, Prvić, Opatija.

Volunteering period: June 15th – August 15th, 2024. The minimum expected duration at this position is one month.

Volunteer’s working hours: 6.5 hours per day, 5 days a week (volunteering on weekends is possible) – working days will depend on the weather forecast. In weeks when weather conditions do not allow for volunteer activities, volunteers will have more days off, which they will compensate for in other weeks when weather conditions are more suitable for inflatable boat navigation.

What kind of volunteer are we looking for?

The volunteer should be communicative and patient, capable of spending a lot of time at sea in a rubber boat (if you suffer from seasickness, unfortunately, this position may not be suitable for you). They need to be a good swimmer that is physically agile to assist in rescuing Griffon Vulture chicks from the sea when necessary.

What skills will the volunteer acquire and improve?

Through this program, the volunteer will have the opportunity to further develop their communication and educational skills, as well as physical fitness. They will be able to increase their knowledge about Griffon Vultures, their conservation, and the island of Cres.


What languages ​​should the volunteer know?

Fluent knowledge of English is required, and knowledge of Croatian is desirable, but volunteering is also possible for individuals who are not from Croatia.


How many volunteers are we looking for?

We are looking for a minimum of 2 volunteers over the age of 18.


What kind of equipment is required?

The volunteer should have appropriate outdoor footwear and clothing (sturdy shoes like hiking boots, clothing suitable for being on a boat and sun protection).


Is this volunteering position suitable for people with disabilities?

Volunteering is possible for people who have hearing and visual impairments, depending on the level of impairment. All interested individuals can contact Biom at to learn more about volunteering, so we can jointly assess whether volunteering is feasible. Unfortunately, due to the demanding terrain and the type of volunteer activities, volunteering cannot be accommodated for individuals with motor and intellectual disabilities.

What kind of training will the volunteers receive?

Before starting their volunteering, the volunteer will be educated on approaching Griffon Vultures and how to retrieve Griffon Vulture chicks from the sea. They will also receive instructions on how to communicate with mariners and citizens regarding proper behavior near nesting colonies of Griffon Vultures, as well as guidelines on proper boarding and disembarking from the inflatable boat.

Where will the volunteers be accommodated during the volunteering period?

Accommodation for the volunteer is provided free of charge. The volunteer will be accommodated at the Visitor Center and Rehabilitation Center for Griffon Vultures in Beli on the island of Cres, in a double room. The volunteer should bring their own sleeping bag, and if they don’t have one, Biom will provide it. There is a kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, and stove available at the center. However, the tap water at the center is not suitable for drinking.


What about food expenses?

A daily allowance of 20 euros per working day is provided.


… and what about transportation costs?

The volunteer will be reimbursed for the round-trip travel expenses from their home to Cres. Additionally, during working days, the volunteer will be provided with transportation by inflatable boat from the Visitor Center and Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures in Beli, Cres, to nearby nesting colonies of Griffon Vultures, marinas, and other key locations. The inflatable boat will be operated by a licensed skipper. Depending on the project budget, we may be able to provide funds for reimbursing the travel expenses incurred by the volunteer’s personal vehicle to Cres, as well as the cost of local transportation for the purpose of carrying out volunteer activities (e.g., informing citizens at local marinas), but this will be determined after the selection of the volunteer.


Will volunteers receive any other allowances?

Volunteers will not receive any other monetary compensation for volunteering. Volunteering contract will be signed, and they will receive volunteer certificates upon completion of their volunteering period. They will also receive a volunteer package (t-shirt, hat, notebook, thermo mug, tote bag).


How much free time do the volunteers have?

Volunteers have 2 days off per week, which they can spend relaxing on local beaches (we highly recommend Lubenice), exploring the surroundings, hiking, observing Griffon Vultures at the rehabilitation center, and enjoying everything summer has to offer on the beautiful island of Cres.


This sounds great! How can I apply?

If you’re interested in the mentioned volunteer position, please send us your CV and a motivational letter to by 5th of April, 2024. We will conduct interviews with a selected number of candidates during the first half of April, and preference will be given to candidates who can commit to the entire volunteering period (June 15th – August 16th, 2024). If you are unable to volunteer for the entire specified period, please indicate the dates of your availability.