BIOM at the European Mammalian Congress (EMC), Paris – 2011

  • 16.08.2011.

This year European Mammalian Congress (EMC) took place in Paris, France from 19th to 23rd of July 2011. Congress was held at the University Marie Currie, Paris and was organized by the MNHN, INRA, CNRS, SFEPM, and the European Society of Mammalogy.

Two memebers of our association, Tena Šarčević and Ivana Selanec, participated at the congress where Ivana represented her research with the poster: Distribution of golden jackal (Canis aureus) in Croatia.

There were 6 different sessions related to taxonomy, phylogeny, evolution, ecology, biogeography or conservation of mammals. Except european mammologists, there were scientists from all around the world (USA, Argentina, Russia, Japan, etc.) representing their work in form of presentations and posters.

Field of mammology in Croatia was represented by scientists from different faculties and associations: Nikica Šprem (Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb), Magda Sindičić (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagreb), Ivana Selanec, Tena Šarčević, Marija Starčević (Faculty of Science, Zagreb), Ivica Bošković, Tihomir Florjančić (Faculty of Agriculture, Osijek) and Dražen Degmečić (Hrvatske šume, d.o.o, Zagreb).

Book of abstract can be found at official web page.