BIOM at Ornitho Meeting in Vienna

  • 19.11.2015.

During 5th and 6th of November the Ornitho Meeting was held in Vienna. Employee of Association BIOM was present and one of the topics was admission of Association BIOM in Ornitho Family.


What is Ornitho?

Ornitho is informal community of organisations from Europe engaged in research and conservation of birds. In addition to birds another link between these organisations is common platform for entering, processing and analysis of data on the distribution of birds (Ornitho). Each partner has its own portal where people can register and enter their bird observations. One way of data entry is through the mobile application NaturaList. The application automatically records location and time of observations so that the observer does not have any extra work. Each observation is automatically available to the partner which has portal in country where observation was recorded. Thus Ornitho partners receive a very large amount of data on the distribution of birds on both the state and European level. Own Observations are also available for viewing and download to the observer. The aim of this initiative is to link databases among countries as well as to link the citizens with organizations that work with birds professionally, all with the purpose of better insight into the situation of bird populations in Europe.

BIOM new member of Ornitho Family

At the meeting was decided that the Association BIOM will be accepted in Ornitho Family. You can expect the Croatian web portal where you can enter your observations and monitor the distribution of bird species in the country. Until then, you can download the application NaturaList (available for Android) and start to enter observations. Your observations will be recorded and will be available to Croatian portal when it gets to the Internet.