Bagaud Island restauration

  • 11.10.2011.

Bagaud Island is a part of National park Port-Cros in the Mediterrannean part of France. As an area of pronounced natural value the island is chosen for restauration, return to situation before anthropogenic influence. Fortunately, the Bagaud Island is uninhabited for decades, and direct anthropogenic influence has stopped. Past settlers have left several invasive species that are endagering autochthonous species and natural balance. Invasive species removal is the most important part of this project. Restauration is organised and  conducted by several French institutions and foreign experts. Ivan Budinski was a represenative of BIOM Association, and he is going to have a lecture abaut action as a part of BIOM’s monthly meeting on Wednesday, 12 of October in Zagreb. So, if you want to know more, visit BIOM’s meeting at 18:00 at the Biology Department of the Faculty of Science, Roosevelt square 6.